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Focus on Forests (text version)


Bamboo and Rattan - these are plants used to make cane furniture, baskets and mats.

Bauxite- this is the ore that aluminium is made from. Making aluminium from bauxite uses a lot of energy.

Charcoal- this is a fuel made by burning wood very slowly.

Coed is Welsh for Trees.

Conifer Forests- these are evergreen forests, consisting of trees that have needles.

Cross Breeding - the action of breeding two different types of the same animal or plant.

Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales.

Hectares (ha)- A hectare is 10,000 square metres (100 x 100 metres).

Hydroelectric Power (HEP) is electricity generated from the energy in falling water.

Logging - the action of cutting down trees for timber.

marijuana- this is an illegal drug made from the dried leaves of the hemp plant.

Mayan - The Ancient Mayan civilisation lived in central America.

NGO- stands for "Non Governmental Organisation" - usually a charity not connected to a government.

Photosynthesis is the way green plants make their food.

Rattan - Bamboo and Rattan are plants used to make cane furniture, baskets and mats.

Sequestration - The process by which Carbon can be absorbed from the Atmosphere by Photosynthesis.

Species - A Species is a group of living things that can mate to produce fertile offspring.

Taiga is the name given to northern, needle leaf forests which span across N.America and Eurasia.

The Tropics- these are two imaginary lines that circle the world, north (Cancer) and south (Capricorn) of the equator.


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