Help with Words

Sequestration - The process by which Carbon can be absorbed from the Atmosphere by Photosynthesis

Chameleons - These forest dwelling creatures live in Europe and Africa. They've got boggly eyes and are cool.

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Hectares (ha)- A hectare is 10,000 square metres (100 x 100 metres). You can find out how big that is at this website

The Tropics- these are two imaginary lines that circle the world, north (Cancer) and south (Capricorn) of the equator. (More).

Conifer Forests- these are evergreen forests, consisting of trees that have needles .

NGO- stands for "Non Governmental Organisation" - usually a charity not connected to a government.

Bauxite- this is the ore that aluminium is made from. Making aluminium from bauxite uses a lot of energy.

marijuana- this is an illegal drug made from the dried leaves of the hemp plant.

Charcoal- this is a fuel made by burning wood very slowly. Read more about how it is made at

Bamboo and Rattan - these are plants used to make cane furniture, baskets and mats. Read more at

The Ancient Mayan civilisation lived in central America. This website includes info and pictures about the Mayans.

Coed is Welsh for Trees, Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales. You can find our more about Welsh from the Welsh Language Board

Taiga is the name given to northern, needle leaf forests which span across N.America and Eurasia. Read about Siberian Taiga here.

Hydroelectric Power (HEP) is electricity generated from the energy in falling water. This website explains more.

Photosynthesis is the way green plants make their food.
carbon dioxide + water + light = sugar + oxygen

A Species is a group of living things that can mate to produce fertile offspring.

Hunter Gatherer - someone who hunts or looks for food, as opposed to growing it in a farm.

Global Warming - a term describing the gradual increase in average world temperatures, caused by Carbon Dioxide.

Flash Floods happen when heavy rain collects in a stream or gully, turning a normally calm area into an instant rushing current - more

Sustainable - something is sustainable if we can use it and still leave the same amount for future generations

Canopy - the name given to the area of Rainforest at the tops of the trees.

Cross Breeding - the action of breeding two different types of the same animal or plant

Foreign Exchange - name given to money brought in from outside a country that is in a different currency

Economist - name of a person who studies money

Logging - the action of cutting down trees for timber.

Aboriginal- collective name for the native people of Australia

Pharmaceuticals - a name for medicines and medical supplies.

Cosmetics - something is sustainable if we can use it and still leave the same amount for future generations

Desecrate - to destroy or disturb something precious.

Wet Season / Dry Seasons - tropical countries don't have seasons in the same way as in temperate climates. Instead they have periods of rain and drought.

NTFPs - stands for NoT For Profits

WWF - stands for the World Wildlife Fund

EU - stands for The European Union - a semi economic union of countries in Europe.