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It may seem that the best way of not contributing to tropical – or any other – deforestation is not to buy wood. But, as you have seen, if people stop buying wood, there will be one less way for forest dwellers to make a living from their forests and one more reason for them and their governments to allow the forests to be cut down to make way for farming, ranching, plantations, mining…

So you could...

  • Persuade people in your household who buy furniture or DIY materials to go for those with the FSC label.
  • Do an audit of your school and find out where wooden items come from. Schools use an awful lot of wood! Find out who is responsible for such purchases and ask for a meeting with them to discuss the issues. You could prepare a brief paper outlining the facts and your arguments to present to them first.
  • Find out more about the issues to back up your arguments.
  • Join or support one of the organisations who are working for sustainable forestry. The more people who are campaigning, the more likely it is the voices will be listened to.