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Belize Micropropogation LabLeft: Experiments are being conducted into micropropagation – dividing miniature plants to multiply them. Many rainforest plants are popular in the industrialised countries as houseplants and it is hoped that soon plants from the Rio Bravo will be on sale in the UK.

Right: Experiments are being carried out into the medicinal properties of a wild melon which has been used locally for centuries in treating disease.

Wild Melon

Chiclé Chewing GumChiclé, from the sapodilla tree, is what chewing gum was originally made from and investigations are going on to see if it can be produced commercially. Every seven years, the gum is ‘tapped’ by making cuts in the bark which allow the gum to ooze out and be collected. PfB is also working on other products, such as honey and thatch, to see if they could earn enough money to make them worth while.

Because of the way the RBCMA is run, it has been awarded Forest Stewardship Council certification. What is this award and why does it matter?